Genuine Passion.

Genuine Creativity.

Genuine Accountability.

Genuine Media is a boutique media planning and buying agency based in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Already we can hear you saying “Boutique, schmoutique. Totally 80’s.” OK, OK. The thing is, “boutique” is exactly the right word to describe us. We’re not big, but we have some pretty big clients. We’re not flashy, but, man, do we know our media, both traditional and digital. We’re not ‘uptown’, but we sure are ‘down to business’ (that’s sort of an ‘80’s play on words. Appropriate, no? And, in the up-to-date vernacular, we don’t ‘do lunch’ but we definitely ‘do media’. (We do however ‘eat lunch’, usually at the little greasy spoon down the block. You’re welcome to join us.)

The point is, we’re absolutely passionate about marketing in general, and specifically about unlocking hidden opportunities to accelerate revenue growth. Our small, tightly knit collection of extraordinarily talented peers pursue revenue goals typical of larger enterprises. (Check out those last two sentences; who says we’re not sophisticated?)

If this refreshingly Genuine approach to media planning and buying appeals to you, click on, my friends, click on.