Our Process

Genuine Passion

Ok. We admit it. Media services light our fire, turn our crank, and push our buttons. Yes, it's a little...um...odd; yes, it might be considered "alternative", even bizarre. Nevertheless, the thought of a strategically placed ad or an artfully positioned commercial or (thrill of thrills) a flight of bonus spots just turns on our lights.

Passion, true passion, genuine passion is like that, isn't it? Passion is blind to the object of its ardour. Passion exists in the soul of its host. Passion stirs the heart, focuses the eye, and concentrates the brain. Passion, true passion, genuine passion, like love, is irrational, implausible, sometimes illogical, and occasionally crazy. But...passion can work wonders. And Genuine passion can work wonders for you.

Genuine Creativity

Advertising is a creative endeavour. But the idea of creativity in advertising had been pretty much co-opted by writers and artists and directors and producers. No one thinks of the "media wonk" as creative; he's just the gear head, the cipher - plug in the budget - whir, buzz, zip, pop- then out comes the media plan. Not so fast. Yes, it can be done that way. And, yes, too often it is done that way, even by mainstream, professional, "creative" agencies. But, that's not how we do it at Genuine Media. At Genuine Media, we strive to use traditional media in non-traditional ways.

We strive to make buys that are flexible, interesting, and appropriate. We strive to cut through the clutter. Further, we're not intimidated by non-traditional media, particularly not by digital and social media. We understand digital media; we know their strengths and their weaknesses; we know how to integrate them with traditional campaigns for greater visibility and presence.

These days, a great ad isn't enough. You need a great media plan, too. And for that, you need Genuine creativity.

Genuine Accountability

Advertising is full of thinkers and feelers. How many times have you heard "We think this will work"; We think this a strong campaign"; "We feel you are getting positive results".

But thinking and feeling isn't enough; only knowing is enough. You need to know - to know what will work, to know what is working, to know what has worked, how well it's worked, and why. We call that Genuine accountability, and we demand that each and every campaign be held accountable. So we don't just book 'em, Dano; we manage 'em.

Before each radio or TV campaign we produce pre-analysis reports that clearly state each station's objectives and weight levels. Digital campaigns are monitored daily; postings and revisions are ongoing. Tracking is constant. Comprehensive post-analysis is conducted and reported after each campaign to test effectiveness and evaluate how objectives were met.

Campaigns must be responsible for their results. That's what Genuine accountability is all about.